Hi.. I'm Naomi, founder of Nurtured Mother.

I am married to Aidan and have 3 lovely boys who keep me very busy!

I started my career in paediatric nursing and then midwifery. I absolutely loved working with families during this special time in their lives. I loved delivering babies (I've personally delivered over 22 babies) and supporting them at home. Sadly, I felt it was too difficult to build meaningful and lasting relationships within the NHS framework. Time and resources were (and are) so stretched and I felt dissatisfied with the level of care I was able to offer and left.

I then traveled extensively for a couple of years, gained a great deal of life experience, grew up a lot and broadened my horizons. When I returned home I fast tracked my Nursery Nurse diploma in London and worked as a career Nanny for many years.

Fast forward to the birth of my first son Harry, I realised things were the same, if not worse than when I had left midwifery. Living away from my family, I felt I had no support from local health professionals.

There were very limited resources and I realised there was a huge need for extra support services in my local area.

I set up postnatal classes at home, bringing in local breastfeeding experts, sleep consultants, homeopaths and midwives. The classes were a resounding success but I realised that this was my passion and that I wanted to be the one supporting these mums.

After the birth of my second son Max, I started my Antenatal Teacher Training and Doula Certification. I did breastfeeding courses, sleep workshops, pregnancy massage diplomas, birth trauma training, read a ton of books, blogs, research papers, joined local networks and groups, attended conferences and did volunteer work. As a result of this learning, studying and hard work I set up my company Nurtured Mother after the birth of my third son Archie.

I continue to study (and always will) and I feel I'm on this amazing journey into this world of birth work. It is a personal journey as well as a professional one and I'm absolutely passionate about it. It has my heart and soul and I'm  committed to those I care for and support as part of this work.

After completing my Antenatal Teacher Training I joined forces with Kat King, a senior yoga teacher who has been working with pregnant women for over 10 years. She has helped countless women stay fit and flexible throughout their pregnancies and teaches breathing and massage techniques as well as optimal birthing positions during labour. Working as a team we are known as Nurtured Birthing. Please see my Antenatal Classes Section for more information.

I can support you in a number of ways:

Antenatal Classes

Focusing on maintaining a positive mindset, our classes incorporate yoga, breathing techniques, massage techniques, daily exercises to help move baby into the best positions for birth, knowledge about your changing body during pregnancy, birth and beyond, healthy eating, exercise, pain relief, birthing positions plus so much more.

Pregnancy massage therapy from 14 weeks gestation

Guided meditation and visualisation

to help overcome anxieties and help connect and bond with your baby

Doula support during labour

Postnatal support and home visits

Closing the Bones postnatal massage

Birth Debriefing


I'm passionate about empowering women during their pregnancy, birth and postnatal experiences.

By providing emotional, spiritual and physical support during these times as well as sharing my knowledge and experience, I hope women and their partners can let go of any fears and anxieties and be able to make well informed decisions about their care. As a result, I feel that many more families will have positive birth and parenting experiences. It is this positivity that will help change the face of childbirth in our society.