Nurtured Birthing is a collaboration between Kat King at Loveuyoga and Naomi Tolson at Nurtured Mother.

The techniques used in this method are tried and tested over the years by many happy clients of Kat and used by Kat herself during the births of her 2 daughters. I am adding my skills as a certified Antenatal educator and Doula to help empower parents in their birthing experience.

These sessions and workshops are held at either Nurtured Mother in Woodford Green or Bababoom in Loughton.

Our basic package includes...

3 pregnancy yoga sessions including labour and birth breathing techniques

Antenatal Workshop: Preparation for Birth (Stage 1)

• Basic female anatomy and the physiology of pregnancy • Releasing the fears and myths surrounding labour and birth • Daily exercises for optimal fetal positioning • Guided meditation • Nutrition including herbs and oils for pregnancy and birth • Your rights in pregnancy and birth • Where to give birth • Doulas and role of birth partner • Real life birth experiences

Antenatal Workshop: Preparation for Birth (Stage 2)

What to pack in your hospital bag • Induction and the alternatives • Physiology of labour and birth • Pain relief • Optimal cord clamping • Microseeding • Skin to Skin • Natural Caesareans • Visual birth plans

4 Hour Birth Rehearsal Workshop

First section carried out by Kat going through all the breathing techniques, massage, birthing positions and hour by hour birthing plan. Second section by Naomi covering the first golden hour after birth through the first few weeks of parenthood including breastfeeding, bottle feeding, safe sleeping, car seat safety, first aid, natural healing remedies plus so much more.

Package Price £300.

The following options are also available...

  • extra one to one yoga sessions with Kat
  • pregnancy massages with Naomi
  • One to one antenatal sessions with Naomi
  • Closing the Bones postnatal massage with Kat and Naomi