If you are struggling to come to terms with your previous birth experience, I can help using a highly effective method known as the 3 step rewind technique.

I can help you process these memories in a safe, secure environment. The results will often mean that you can move forward with your life and face the future with a more positive frame of mind.

It is a non intrusive approach where intimate details of the memory do not have to be shared unless you want to. Its an excellent way to recover from experiences, including...


  • Difficult births
  • Difficult postnatal experience
  • Breastfeeding trauma
  • An experience pre-birth which may have effected your pregnancy/birth experience, for example fertility issues
  • Tokophobia (fear of childbirth)

I offer 2 sessions. The first session is 90 minutes long. We spend some time debriefing if you wish and I talk you through the technique. I will then help you deeply relax and guide you through a visualisation.

The second is 60 minutes long and we will discuss the impact since the first session. It will involve affirming positive and confident changes in moving forward. This will be done whilst in a deeply relaxed state.

The number of sessions you will need depends on the complexity of your issue. It’s likely you will need  2 but some people occasionally need 3. This technique is not for those with complex PTSD, this is something that would be quickly identified in the first session. It’s worth knowing that this is not counselling . We don’t spend too much time reflecting on the issue but focus mainly on the technique. It  also doesn’t remove the memory, the memory stays intact, but the emotions around it are what you choose them to be.


"Thank you so much for the chance to process, accept and begin to celebrate my birth experience. You have a wonderful calming, healing nature and you will go on to empower so many women"