A Doula is an experienced person who offers emotional and practical support to a woman (or couple) before, during and after childbirth.

There are so many researched benefits to having a Doula support you during your birth experience

  • Increased likelihood of spontaneous vaginal birth (12% increase)
    Decrease in the risk of newborns being admitted to a special care nursery (14% reduction)
    Reduced risk of Caesarean birth (28% less caesareans)
    Reduced risk of instrumental birth
    Reduced need for painkillers or epidural during birth (9% reduction in use of ANY pain relief)
    Reduced rate of induction of labour (31% less women use syntonocinon)
    Shorter labour time
    Increased parental satisfaction with the birth experience
    Increased likelihood of initiating breastfeeding
    Increased likelihood of successfully establishing breastfeeding & breastfeeding at 6 weeks

I believe in “mothering the mother” – enabling a woman to have the most satisfying and empowered time that she can during pregnancy, birth and the early days as a new parent. This type of support also helps the whole family to relax, adapt to and enjoy the experience.


My Doula package consists of:

  • At least 3 antenatal appointments including a visual birth plan session
  • On call from Week 38 to Week 42 to attend your birth day or night.
  • 1 postnatal visit

Antenatal appointments - I want to spend time getting to know you and your partner (If you have one) so I'm keen for us to have regular contact. I like to offer hand massages (and foot massages past 37 weeks) throughout as I feel that you becoming familiar with my touch is so important. I like to offer massage amongst other comfort measures in labour, if you feel that it will help you, so knowing my touch before hand can be really helpful with boosting your oxytocin levels. I like to see you at least 3 times but preferably more. There is no extra cost for more visits.

I will also help you with your birth plan and talk you through any aspect of birth that you need more information about. I can help signpost local support/information services and recommend other practitioners.

Postnatal Visits -
Help with caring for baby including breastfeeding, cooking nourishing and healing meals, postnatal massage, belly binding, emotional support. I can give you a much needed break to sleep, shower, eat or get out the house.
I am able to offer bespoke packages to suit your individual needs.


" Thank you so much. We honestly feel we couldn't have achieved our happy birth experience without you. Even with the last minute hospital transfer we honestly feel we got the birth we were meant to have with little medical intervention. We achieved so much at home and have some amazing memories which we'll cherish forever. Thank you so much for looking after us both with such warm and loving care"

Alice and Alex Edge