During your pregnancy, you will have been aware of the 3 trimesters. Once your baby is born, you both enter into the fourth trimester. This is the 40 days following the birth of your baby.

In our western culture, we often live far away from our families and we are expected to be 'out and about' very quickly. We have forgotten that this is a very special time in our lives where baby is adjusting to life in the world and you are adjusting to your new life as a mother. Rest, nourishment, love, warmth and loving touch for the mother is so important. Time to establish breastfeeding, time to bond and learn about your new baby, time as a family without any pressure or expectation from the outside. This is the ideal but unfortunately, sometimes very difficult in reality. I can help bring some of this care to you and your family in the days and weeks after the birth.


Suggested package:

  • 3 2 hour visits in the first week after birth, help with breastfeeding, emotional and practical support. I will cook you nourishing and healing foods, offer postnatal massage including Reiki healing and foot massages. Look after baby whilst you shower/sleep. Help with any birth injuries naturally with homemade padiscles and sitz baths. I can listen to your birth story. I can also just be a shoulder to cry on or just someone who will listen.
  • 1 2 hour visit a week for following 4 weeks

I also offer ad hoc postnatal care - no need to book up in advance, if you need an hour or two here or there, then I'll do my best to accommodate you.

Price: £15 per hour